The Past Five Days

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist (who recently came back from visiting the Philippines, we talked about Duterte a little but mostly he complained about the smog and pollution). Anyway, he asked me if I knew about the website, which of course I have and which I refresh throughout the day. (I also compare 538 averages with Real Clear Politics.) My psychiatrist’s conclusion: Trump is toast. Meanwhile, no med changes for me, is good.

Personally, I think my main problem is my chronic neck and shoulder pain. It never goes away. Even if I take a break from the computer, it’s still there. It’s a constant companion and it bothers me. I wish I didn’t have all these problems in life. Things could be worse, right?

In other news, my brother got married this weekend (Saturday, Oct 22nd). A bunch of our relatives came to the wedding, from the L.A. area and from Texas, while some of the bride’s relatives came from the Bay Area and Taiwan. It was like a family reunion, it was great to see my cousins, aunties, and uncles again, since I hardly ever go out. I got lots of hugs and laughed from time to time. I had to carry an umbrella (above pic from wedding rehearsal.) Also, four women I spoke to are Hillary supporters. Yay!

I also had a couple cranberry vodkas, and the cupcakes were so yummy. It was a beautiful wedding at a resort hotel on the beach, with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. I had to wear high heels and a dress, and we had a beautician come to the house to do my and mom’s hair and makeup. I left the wedding reception around 9:30pm though because I was so tired and I couldn’t take it anymore mentally and physically, I just wanted to go home. And I wanted to play WoW. LOL. I felt a little sad about all my health problems, but I am very happy for my brother. He deserves all the happiness in the world.

Here is a photo of my parents and me with my brother and his bride at the hotel where they had their wedding:



Author: Katinka

Complicated, #bipolar writer, gamer, romance book blogger, Bnet Tag: Bats#1598, #LoveWins #MeToo

2 thoughts on “The Past Five Days”

  1. OMG Kat! Congratulations on the wonderful wedding weekend! I love the pictures, especially the one of you and your brother, his bride, and your parents. I know you had been really looking forward to this and am so happy things went well.
    Take care of yourself and have fun in WoW. Play one for me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂

      WoW is starting to get a little tedious with the rep grind and other stuff, I can’t wait until I’m done with those achievements and quest lines but there’s always more with upcoming patches and new mini-raid in 2 weeks and then there are the alts.

      Anyway, the wedding was definitely the best thing to happen this year!

      Take care! Hugs!!!


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