The Past Five Days

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist (who recently came back from visiting the Philippines, we talked about Duterte a little but mostly he complained about the smog and pollution). Anyway, he asked me if I knew about the website, which of course I have and which I refresh throughout the day. (I also compare 538 averages with Real Clear Politics.) My psychiatrist’s conclusion: Trump is toast. Meanwhile, no med changes for me, is good.

Personally, I think my main problem is my chronic neck and shoulder pain. It never goes away. Even if I take a break from the computer, it’s still there. It’s a constant companion and it bothers me. I wish I didn’t have all these problems in life. Things could be worse, right?

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Fists of the Heavens

This is really cute:


That’s the Monk dps fist artifact weapon.

I have three level 110 toons now. I tried raiding on my elemental shaman, but my dps sucks so bad that I am switching my main back to my hunter. I am just not good playing a caster, and ele shaman is probably the worst caster spec in the game. So, now I have to level up my artifact weapon on my hunter and gear her up a bit more before Tuesday. My GM tells me not to worry though, since we are still farming Emerald Nightmare, I will get geared up soon. We are currently 6/7 Heroic, and are hoping to kill Xavius this week. My guildies are really helpful and laid back. They ran me through a couple mythic dungeons today, and I got 4 upgrades and lots of artifact power on my hunter. I want to get my artifact to 20 traits before Tuesday. It’s at 18 right now. It’ll be a grind but my artifact knowledge is 7, so I think I can do it. Plus, we got the timewalking dungeon bonus event this week, which will award me more AP. I only have one more to do, and hopefully I’ll get a decent reward from the quest.

Good Will Win

After the last debate, the Trump tapes, and all the women now coming forward and speaking out, #ImWithHer more than ever. The past week has been so triggering. I finally got to talk about it in therapy Wednesday, I didn’t have anyone else to talk to about it in person. It is just really hard to talk about. I can’t talk to my family and friends IRL. I haven’t told anyone except mental health professionals about my whole story. But I know I’m not the only one. My therapist told me that a lot of women have been feeling the same way, have been just as affected and triggered. I was depressed for most of the week and cried a few times, but I am feeling better now. Michelle Obama’s speech yesterday was so powerful and uplifting. Women and people of color are gonna save our democracy because that’s what this election is about. Saving our democracy from a tyrant. And it’s also about being good to people and treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve. But I think even after the election, our country will still and even more so be divided, because even if Trump isn’t elected, his brand of hatred won’t simply go away. We just have to hope that like Anne Frank said people really are good at heart, and that good will win this election.