Hate Speech and Rape Threats in WoW Trade Chat


WoW isn’t the place to discuss politics, because some players are so ignorant. I considered this player’s comment about raping my candidate as hate speech, which belongs nowhere in this world. It is depressing and makes me so angry how her opponent’s supporters actually want her to die and have said so in WoW trade chat as well. This wasn’t the first time in WoW that I’ve come across such hateful, ugly, violent language. I reported this player for “language,” but I don’t know if anything will result from my complaint. I didn’t argue with him in trade chat, because I knew it would be futile. I would probably be insulted or called bad names. This election is so sad and gives me so much anxiety. And more than anything it’s so sad and hurtful that so many Americans hate women, immigrants, and people of color so very much. I play WoW to have fun, but I think trade chat will just get worse the closer it comes to election day. I can’t decide whether I should document what I see in trade chat, or have separate tabs for trade chat and other stuff, like guild chat and whispers. Trade chat isn’t the reason I play WoW.


Author: Katinka

Complicated, #bipolar writer, gamer, romance book blogger, Bnet Tag: Bats#1598, #LoveWins #MeToo

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