I started playing WoW again not only for fun and social interaction with my guildies, but also for a distraction from my problems and frustration with politics. I guess, as a way to relieve some of my stress and anxieties. But you can’t get away from this election even in WoW. For instance, a couple days ago when I was leveling my dwarf shaman in the Legion invasions, some dude invited me to join a guild named “Make Azeroth Great Again.” LMAO. NOPE. And yes, I saw in trade chat some of those LOCKHERUP hate speech. Next time, I see something like that, I’m reporting it.

Anyway, I fast-leveled my shaman Nnedi (named after the SFF author Nnedi Okorafor) to 60 in about six hours over three days by resetting the Legion invasions over and over. I did about 20 levels in 2 hours. Then, I used my character boost to level her to 100, with skinning and leatherworking maxed to 700. I’ve only got one more alt (my monk) to level to 100. This Tuesday, Blizz did a hotfix so that the invasions aren’t on a timer and are basically ongoing. It’s tempting to level more alts, but it is kind of a pain already. And it takes longer from 90 to 100. Plus, I don’t need another alt at this time, with the expansion coming out on Tuesday! Yay! Can’t wait.

So, last night, I saw this really cute battle pet in the Blizzard store, a bright purple-pink kitty called Brightpaw. It made me smile and feel all warm and happy inside, so I just had to buy it. I was missing my bear/kitty a little. I doubt I will be playing my druid much this expac. It’s kind of lonely on my old server, since my main (hunter), demon hunter, and new shammy are all on my raiding guild’s new server, which has a higher Alliance population. But especially because my friends Van and Row aren’t playing anymore. I miss those times Row and I did LFR together on our kitties, and I remember fondly that time we went to Firelands to get those seeds that transformed our druids into fire kitties.

Here’s a screenshot of my dwarf shammy and Brightpaw 🙂 My shammy is growing on me too. I kinda just want to give her a hug. I think she needs a little brightness in her world.



Author: Katinka

Complicated, #bipolar writer, gamer, romance book blogger, Bnet Tag: Bats#1598, #LoveWins #MeToo

2 thoughts on “Brightpaw”

  1. Yay Bats! I can feel your excitement over the new expac. And I am saddened that poor Rowen will have to remain in hibernation for a time longer. I hope you have a blast and enjoy your guild friends with this upcoming season of WoW.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your new blog space and writing opportunities. You are so very talented, and so many ways.
    Your friend,
    Carol (Rowen)

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