Saturday Picture-Taking

My therapist has been encouraging me to do something different from my routine at least once a week. My routine consists of staying in my room all day, reading, working on my book review blog (which I will be discontinuing in October), watching TV (can’t wait for the new season of The Voice), and only going out to the drugstore, doctor appointments, massage therapy, and psychotherapy, and leaving my room to eat, etc. Sometimes, I go out to the garden for some sun and fresh air. Infrequently, I take 15-20 minute walks around the neighborhood.

Well, this weekend I did something totally outside my routine. My brother Eric and his fiance Elsa came to town for wedding preparations. They are getting married in October. On Friday, they went to meet the pastor, who is officiating their wedding, and the caterer. Though Eric and Elsa live in the SF Bay Area, they decided to have the wedding and reception at the Embassy Suites here in town, because we have a lot of family coming from the LA San Fernando Valley area, which is about a 45-50 minute drive versus a 6-hour drive to the Bay Area. Elsa’s immediate family, a few relatives and friends, however, we will driving down and staying in town for the wedding.

Anyway, on Saturday, the photographer came by to shoot some photos for their album or guest book (not really sure), but it’s for the wedding. My parents and I went along with them to various sites for the picture-taking. I drove Eric, Elsa, and the photographer around because my brother didn’t know his way around town, and my mom kept suggesting all these locations and he didn’t know what she was talking about. We took the Denali, and my parents drove their Miata. Then, when I saw the harbor and beach my mom suggested, the photographer and I decided it wouldn’t work. He wanted a place where it looked like they were on a date. Instead, there was just sand and boats in the background LOL.

I suggested Port Hueneme beach, because it had a pier, and also, the marina at Seabridge Village (where we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant). All went well, it turns out that I have good ideas πŸ™‚ Last time Eric and Elsa were here, I drove Elsa and my mom around looking for a wedding venue. I took them to the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort, and Elsa absolutely adored it. It has this gorgeous winding staircase, which will be great for photos of the bride and groom. Fortunately, they were able to meet with a sales assistant the next morning so they could take a tour of the place and get an estimate.

Am I awesome or what? I picked the spot for their photo album and their wedding, and drove them all around town because I really wanted to help them out, so everything would turn out for the best. They are getting married at the beach, the reception will be in a ballroom at the hotel, and cocktail hour will be in a courtyard facing a lovely fountain. (I plan to have an appletini or two.) My parents have already booked the DJ and hired a wedding planner. I am so excited, though I will be wearing a dress 😦 I hate dresses, but it is only for this one special event, so it is worth it! My only brother, sibling, is getting married. Yay!

Here’s a behind the scenes photo collage I put together on Instagram:


And here’s a selfie of me and my mom at the beach:

withmomI like that I look happy here. I think my outing on Saturday was very good for my mental health. I had fun. I’m always happier when my brother is in town. I get to talk to someone close to my own age, including his fiance, who believes in a lot of the same things. (Never Trump, for instance, because among other things, he is a racist.) My brother is four years younger than me and Elsa, who wanted to get married before the end of the year because it seems Elsa wants to have a baby. It was nice to get out of the house, to walk around the beach, see the sights, the ocean and sun and seagulls. It was a little windy, and the air was crisp. I had a very, very good day πŸ™‚ And I’m glad I have this special memory of this Saturday. To remember a time when me and my family were happy together. So proud of my brother!


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